Journal of food science

Profiles of Phenolic Acids and Flavan-3-ols for Select Chinese Red Wines: A Comparison and Differentiation According to Geographic Origin and Grape Variety.

PMID 26408827


The profiles of phenolic acids and flavan-3-ols for the selected Chinese red wines and the potential of using phenolic acids and flavan-3-ols to differentiate the geographic origin and grape variety of wines from China are investigated in this study. Significant differences and markers could be found according to the geographical origin and grape variety. Through a canonical discriminant analysis a good differentiation was developed according to the geographic origin or grape variety, and the accuracy of the discriminant model was 88.9% and 100%, respectively. According to the phenolic acid and flavan-3-ols profiles of the wine samples and good differentiation in the region and the variety discriminant analysis, minimal fraudulent claims were noted for the Chinese red wines investigated. This study provides some help for the protection of geographical origin and monovarietal wine claims.