Linear, Mannitol-Based Poly(anhydride-esters) with High Ibuprofen Loading and Anti-Inflammatory Activity.

PMID 26450447


Sugar alcohols, such as mannitol and xylitol, are biocompatible polyols that have been used to make highly cross-linked polyester elastomers and dendrimers for tissue engineering and drug delivery. However, research that utilizes the secondary hydroxyl groups as sites for pendant bioactive attachment and subsequent polymerization is limited. This work is the first report of a linear, completely biodegradable polymer with a sugar alcohol backbone and chemically incorporated pendant bioactives that exhibits sustained bioactive release and high bioactive loading (∼70%). With four pendant esters per repeat unit, this poly(anhydride-ester) has high loading and biodegrades into three biocompatible products: bioactive, sugar alcohol, and alkyl-based diacid. Ibuprofen serves as a representative bioactive, whereas mannitol is a representative polyol. Polymerization was achieved through reaction with (trimethylsilyl)ethoxyacetylene. Drug release via polymer degradation was quantified by high performance liquid chromatography. Additionally, a cytocompatibility study with fibroblast cells was performed to elucidate the polymer's suitability for in vivo use and a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) assay was performed on the degradation media to ensure that released ibuprofen retained its anti-inflammatory activity. This work enables the future development of novel, biodegradable polymers exhibiting two key features: (i) polymer backbones with easily modified pendant groups, such as targeting moieties, and (ii) high drug loading using a multitude of bioactive classes.

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Ethoxyacetylene solution, ~40 wt. % in hexanes