Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Microchidia protein 2, MORC2, downregulates the cytoskeleton adapter protein, ArgBP2, via histone methylation in gastric cancer cells.

PMID 26476214


ArgBP2 is an adapter protein that plays an important role in actin-dependent processes such as cell adhesion and migration. However, its function and regulation mechanisms in gastric cancer have not yet been investigated. Here, we showed the low expression of ArgBP2 mRNA level in gastric tumor samples and its repressive function in the proliferation, migration, and invasion of gastric cancer cells. Then, we cloned and identified ArgBP2 promoter and verified that MORC2 bound to the promoter. Moreover, we demonstrated that MORC2 enhanced the recruitment of EZH2, which promoted the tri-methylation of H3K27, leading to the transcriptional repression of ArgBP2. Our results might thus contribute to understanding the molecular mechanisms of ArgBP2 regulation and suggesting ArgBP2 as a potential therapeutic target for gastric cancer.