Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications

Square wave voltammetric determination of paracetamol at chitosan modified carbon paste electrode: Application in natural water samples, commercial tablets and human urines.

PMID 26478288


A novel analytical approach has been developed and evaluated for the quantitative analysis of paracetamol (PCT). The anodic peak currents of paracetamol on the CS-CPE were about 200 fold higher than that of the unmodified electrodes. The influence of various parameters on the CS-CPE was investigated. Under the optimized working conditions, the oxidation peak current is linear to the paracetamol concentration in the ranges of 1.0 × 10(-3)-4.0 × 10(-4)mol L(-1) and 2.0 × 10(-4)-8.0 × 10(-7)mol L(-1) with a detection limit of 5.08 × 10(-7)mol L(-1). The repeatability of the method expressed as relative standard deviation (RSD) is 1.73% (n=8). Possible interferences were tested and evaluated in 1.0 × 10(-4)mol L(-1) paracetamol in the presence of inorganic ions, dopamine, ibuprofen, ascorbic acid and uric acid. The proposed method was successfully applied to PCT determination in natural waters, tablets and urine samples.