Journal of separation science

Application of mercapto-silica polymerized high internal phase emulsions for the solid-phase extraction and preconcentration of trace lead(II).

PMID 26495886


A new class of solid-phase extraction column prepared with grafted mercapto-silica polymerized high internal phase emulsion particles was used for the preconcentration of trace lead. First, mercapto-silica polymerized high internal phase emulsion particles were synthesized by using high internal phase emulsion polymerization and carefully assembled in a polyethylene syringe column. The influences of various parameters including adsorption pH value, adsorption and desorption solvents, flow rate of the adsorption and desorption procedure were optimized, respectively, and the suitable uploading sample volumes, adsorption capacity, and reusability of solid phase extraction column were also investigated. Under the optimum conditions, Pb(2+) could be preconcentrated quantitatively over a wide pH range (2.0-5.0). In the presence of foreign ions, such as Na(+) , K(+) , Ca(2+) , Zn(2+) , Mg(2+) , Cu(2+) , Fe(2+) , Cd(2+) , Cl(-) and NO3 (-) , Pb(2+) could be recovered successfully. The prepared solid-phase extraction column performed with high stability and desirable durability, which allowed more than 100 replicate extractions without measurable changes of performance. The feasibility of the developed method was further validated by the extraction of Pb(2+) in rice samples. At three spiked levels of 40.0, 200 and 800 μg/kg, the average recoveries for Pb(2+) in rice samples ranged from 87.3 to 105.2%.

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