Metallomics : integrated biometal science

In vitro induction and proteomics characterisation of a uranyl-protein interaction network in bovine serum.

PMID 26506398


Uranyl ions (UO2(2+)) were shown to interact with a number of foetal serum proteins, leading to the formation of a complex that could be isolated by ultracentrifugation. The molecular weight of the complex was estimated based on size-exclusion chromatography as 650 000 Da. Online ICP AES detection indicated that UO2(2+) in the complex co-eluted with minor amounts of calcium and phosphorous, but not with magnesium. A 1D gel electrophoresis of the U-complex produced more than 10 bands of similar intensity compared with only 2-3 intense bands corresponding to the main serum proteins in the control serum, indicative of the specific interaction of UO2(2+) with minor proteins. A proteomics approach allowed for the identification of 74 proteins in the complex. Analysis of the protein-protein interaction network in the UO2(2+) complex identified 32 proteins responsible for protein-protein complex formation and 34 with demonstrated ion-binding function, suggesting that UO2(2+) stimulates the formation of protein functional networks rather than using a particular molecule as its target.