Transplantation proceedings

Activated Regulatory T Cells Expressing CD4(+)CD25(high)CD45RO(+)CD62L(+) Biomarkers Could Be a Risk Factor in Liver Allograft Rejection.

PMID 26518933


Activated regulatory T cells (aTregs) are nowadays a hot topic in organ transplantation to establish their role during acute rejection (AR) episodes. The aim of this multi-center study was to monitor the frequency of aTregs within the first year after transplantation in a cohort of first-time liver transplant recipients enrolled from 2010 to 2012. aTregs frequency was analyzed by means of flow cytometry. Patients who had AR showed higher levels of aTregs during first year after transplantation in comparison with patients who did not have higher levels. High levels of aTregs in liver recipients might be used as a biomarker of AR; however, further studies must be done to address the potential role of aTregs as biomarkers of AR in liver transplantation.