Journal of AOAC International

Simultaneous Determination of Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, and Octocrylene in a Sunscreen Formulation Using Validated Spectrophotometric and Chemometric Methods.

PMID 26525239


Accurate, reliable, and sensitive spectrophotometric and chemometric methods were developed for simultaneous determination of octinoxate (OMC), oxybenzone (OXY), and octocrylene (OCR) in a sunscreen formulation without prior separation steps, including derivative ratio spectra zero crossing (DRSZ), double divisor ratio spectra derivative (DDRD), mean centering ratio spectra (MCR), and partial least squares (PLS-2). With the DRSZ technique, the UV filters could be determined in the ranges of 0.5-13.0, 0.3-9.0, and 0.5-9.0 μg/mL at 265.2, 246.6, and 261.8 nm, respectively. By utilizing the DDRD technique, UV filters could be determined in the above ranges at 237.8, 241.0, and 254.2 nm, respectively. With the MCR technique, the UV filters could be determined in the above ranges at 381.7, 383.2, and 355.6 nm, respectively. The PLS-2 technique successfully quantified the examined UV filters in the ranges of 0.5-9.3, 0.3-7.1, and 0.5-6.9 μg/mL, respectively. All the methods were validated according to the International Conference on Harmonization guidelines and successfully applied to determine the UV filters in pure form, laboratory-prepared mixtures, and a sunscreen formulation. The obtained results were statistically compared with reference and reported methods of analysis for OXY, OMC, and OCR, and there were no significant differences with respect to accuracy and precision of the adopted techniques.