Journal of AOAC International

Imidazole-Modified Nanoporous Silica for Lead Ion Solid Phase Extraction Prior to Determination from Industrial Wastewaters by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.

PMID 26525261


A new method was applied to produce modified nanoporous silica as a novel sorbent for Pb(II) ion SPE from industrial wastewater samples. In this modified method, the produced nanoporous silica has a higher functional group loading, which leads to a higher preconcentration factor as well as a lower LOD. This modified nanoporous silica was used for preconcentration prior to subsequent determination of Pb(II) ions by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Various parameters such as the eluent, pH of the sample solution, and flow rate were optimized during this work. Also, the effect of a variety of ions on preconcentration and recovery of Pb(II) ions was investigated. The LOD, defined as five times the SD of the blank, was determined to be lower than 0.1 mg/L with an RSD of <2%. The accuracy of the method was established by analyzing standard reference materials with certified Pb concentrations. Finally, the established method was successfully applied for determination of the Pb(II) ion concentration in industrial wastewater samples.