Genetics and molecular research : GMR

Association of the GSTM1 null polymorphism with breast cancer in a Mexican population.

PMID 26535619


The glutathione S transferase (GST) family plays an important role in the processing of carcinogens. Data on the null GSTM1 genotype has revealed associations with cancer, and has been suggested to affect carcinogen metabolism and to contribute to tumor promotion in the mammary gland. We examined the role of the null GSTM1 genotype by comparing the genotypes of 276 healthy Mexican women with those of 558 Mexican women with breast cancer (BC). The genotype frequencies observed in the controls and patients with BC were 38 and 45% for the null GSTM1 genotype, respectively. The obtained odds ratio (OR) was 1.36, with a 95% confidence interval (95%CI) of 1.02-1.8, P = 0.04. The protective association was also evident upon analysis of the distributions of the null GSTM1 genotype in patients with positive chemotherapy response who had high plasma levels of glucose (OR 0.56, 95%CI = 0.33-0.94, P = 0.03). This study suggested that the null GSTM1 genotype is associated with BC susceptibility in the Mexican population analyzed.

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