International journal of laboratory hematology

Stanniocalcin1 gene expression in patients with acute leukemia: impact on response to therapy and disease outcome.

PMID 26547904


Stanniocalcin1 (STC1) is a hormone that regulates cell growth and survival; this study aimed to evaluate the STC1 gene expression in patients with acute leukemia and assess its prognostic significance. Seventy-six patients with acute leukemia were enrolled for determination of mRNA STC1 by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction at diagnosis and at day 28. Median STC1 gene expression was 16.2 and 4.43 in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and 9.67 and 2.37 in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on days 0 and 28, respectively. A cutoff level for STC1 gene expression was established subdividing patients into high- and low-STC1 gene expression groups. Median STC1 gene expression at days 0 and 28 was significantly higher among patients who were nonresponders to therapy than among those who were therapy responders in both groups. Patients achieving complete remission had significantly lower baseline STC1 gene expression than those in relapse. High STC1 gene expression was associated with shorter overall and disease-free survival times. STC1 gene expression at diagnosis might be a useful prognostic marker for clinical outcome and monitoring therapeutic response in patients with acute leukemia.