Veterinary research

Protective effect of anti-SUAM antibodies on Streptococcus uberis mastitis.

PMID 26582308


In the present study, the effect of anti-recombinant Streptococcus uberis adhesion molecule (SUAM) antibodies against S. uberis intramammary infections (IMI) was evaluated using a passive protection model. Mammary quarters of healthy cows were infused with S. uberis UT888 opsonized with affinity purified anti-rSUAM antibodies or hyperimmune sera. Non-opsonized S. uberis UT888 were used as a control. Mammary quarters infused with opsonized S. uberis showed mild-to undetectable clinical symptoms of mastitis, lower milk bacterial counts, and less infected mammary quarters as compared to mammary quarters infused with non-opsonized S. uberis. These findings suggest that anti-rSUAM antibodies interfered with infection of mammary gland by S. uberis which might be through preventing adherence to and internalization into mammary gland cells, thus facilitating clearance of S. uberis, reducing colonization, and causing less IMI.