Food chemistry

Highly sensitive and simultaneous detection of melamine and aflatoxin M1 in milk products by multiplexed planar waveguide fluorescence immunosensor (MPWFI).

PMID 26616961


Mycotoxins and industrial chemicals, such as aflatoxin M1 and melamine, now commonly exist in milk and cause potential health risks. This study presents an indirect competitive immunoassay through multiplex planar waveguide fluorescence immunosensor (MPWFI) for rapid, sensitive, and simultaneous detection and quantification of aflatoxin M1 and melamine by applying the principle of immunoreaction and total internal reflect fluorescent. Double-channel standard curves with appropriate logistic correlation (R(2)>0.99) were plotted, respectively. The working ranges (0.073-0.400 ng/mL and 26.38-270.00 ng/mL, respectively) were calculated, as well as the limit of detection (0.045 and 13.37 ng/mL, respectively), when two analytes were simultaneously detected. Both results satisfied the requirements for the maximum amount set by the WHO, which illustrated that the current method was better than some other standard methods. The recovery rates in the actual samples ranged from 85% to 103%, with relative standard deviations between 1.3% and 6.5%, which indicated high accuracy and repeatability.