International journal of clinical and experimental pathology

Inhibition of SALL4 suppresses carcinogenesis of colorectal cancer via regulating Gli1 expression.

PMID 26617716


SALL4 is a novel oncogene mediating tumorigenesis in multiple carcinomas. However, its actual role and mechanisms participating in the development of colorectal cancer remains unclear. Immunohistochemical staining and Western blot were conducted to detect the expression of SALL4 and other molecules. siRNA of SALL4 was transfected to silence SALL4 expression in Caco-2 cell line. Flow cytometry was used for cell cycle and apoptosis analysis. Wound healing and transwell assay were used for invasion test. CCK-8 test was employed for cell proliferation and drug sensitivity assessment. By inhibition of SALL4 expression, the proliferation, invasiveness and drug resistance were dramatically reduced while apoptosis rate was up-regulated. Gli1 was found to decrease its expression in SALL4 silencing cells. Moreover, the inhibition on tumorigenesis of Caco-2 by SALL4 silencing was antagonized by Gli1 up-regulation, suggesting Gli1 as a downstream target of SALL4 in cancer development. SALL4 inhibition limited oncogenesis on colorectal cancer by reducing Gli1 expression.