Nanoscale research letters

Gas-Sensing Devices Based on Zn-Doped NiO Two-Dimensional Grainy Films with Fast Response and Recovery for Ammonia Molecule Detection.

PMID 26625885


Zn-doped NiO two-dimensional grainy films on glass substrates are shown to be an ammonia-sensing material with excellent comprehensive performance, which could real-time detect and monitor ammonia (NH3) in the surrounding environment. The morphology and structure analysis indicated that the as-fabricated semiconductor films were composed of particles with diameters ranging from 80 to 160 nm, and each particle was composed of small crystalline grain with a narrow size about 20 nm, which was the face-centered cubic single crystal structure. X-ray diffraction peaks shifted toward lower angle, and the size of the lattice increased compared with undoped NiO, which demonstrated that zinc ions have been successfully doped into the NiO host structure. Simultaneously, we systematically investigated the gas-sensing properties of the Zn-doped NiO sensors for NH3 detection at room temperature. The sensor based on doped NiO sensing films gave four to nine times faster response and four to six times faster recovery speeds than those of sensor with undoped NiO films, which is important for the NiO sensor practical applications. Moreover, we found that the doped NiO sensors owned outstanding selectivity toward ammonia.