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Expressions of CD96 and CD123 in Bone Marrow Cells of Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes.

PMID 26642704


Our goal was to detect the expression of CD96 and CD123 in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and their proliferation and differentiation characteristics. Forty-three patients with MDS, thirteen AML patients diagnosed in the Hematology Department of General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, and sixteen healthy controls were enrolled in this study. The expressions of CD96 and CD123 on CD34+CD38- bone marrow cells (BMC) of these patients and controls were measured by FACS. CD114 (GCSFR), EPOR, and CD110 (TPOR) expression on their CD34+CD38-CD96+ and CD34+CD38-CD96- BMC and these cells' apoptosis (Annexin V) were also detected by FACS. MDS patients had a significantly higher proportion of CD34+CD38-/CD34+ BMC (22.72 ± 23.91%) than normal controls (8.63 ± 9.35%) (p < 0.01). The expressions of CD34+CD38-CD96+/CD34+CD38- BMC and CD34+ CD38-CD123+/CD34+CD38- BMC of MDS patients (21.18 ± 24.06%, 31.62 ± 28.42%, respectively) were significantly higher than those of normal controls (11.23 ± 17.91%, 9.29 ± 12.63%) (p < 0.01). The expressions of CD34+CD38-CD96+/CD34+CD38- BMC and CD34+CD38-CD123+/CD34+CD38- BMC in the high-risk MDS group (26.25 ± 27.64%, 37.56 ± 31.01%) was significantly higher than those in the low-risk group (11.44 ± 10.88, 15.53 ± 10.96%) (p < 0.05). The expression levels of CD123 and CD96 were significantly correlated with the proportion of bone marrow blasts (r = 0.384, p < 0.05; r = 0.625, p < 0.05). The expressions of CD114, CD110, and Annexin V in CD34+CD38-CD96+ BMC (7.23 ± 10.25%, 0.52 ± 1.23%, 2.96 ± 3.84%, respectively) were significantly lower than those in CD34+CD38-CD96- BMC (24.35 ± 21.74%, 12.03 ± 10.91%, 13.69 ± 17.98%, respectively) of MDS patients (p < 0.05). There was a higher proportion of CD34+CD38-CD96+ and CD34+CD38-CD123+ cells in bone marrow of MDS patients. Those cells expressed lower cytokine receptors and displayed lower apoptosis. Leukemia stem cells (LSC) in MDS might be contained in those cells.