Standards in genomic sciences

Draft genome of Gemmata massiliana sp. nov, a water-borne Planctomycetes species exhibiting two variants.

PMID 26649148


Gemmata massiliana is a new Planctomycetes bacterium isolated from a hospital water network in France, using a new culture medium. It is an aerobic microorganism with optimal growth at pHxa08, at 30xa0°C and salinity ≤ 1.25xa0% NaCl. G. massiliana is resistant to β-lactam antibiotics, due to lack of peptidoglycan in its cell wall.G. massiliana shares a 97xa0% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity with the nearest species, Gemmata obscuriglobus; and 99xa0% similarity with unnamed soil isolates. Its 9,249,437-bp genome consists in one chromosome and no detectable plasmid and has a 64.07xa0%xa0G + C content, 32.94xa0% of genes encoding for hypothetical proteins. The genome contains an incomplete 19.6-kb phage sequence, 26 CRISPRs, 3 CAS and 15 clusters of secondary metabolites. G. massiliana genome increases knowledge of a poorly known world of bacteria.