Scandinavian journal of immunology

The Phenotypic and Functional Features of Human M2 Macrophages Generated Under Low Serum Conditions.

PMID 26678544


The phenotypic and functional features of human M2 macrophages, in particular, their immunosuppressive activity, can considerably vary depending on M2 polarizing stimulus. This study was aimed at the investigation of cytokine production and pro-apoptogenic/inhibitory molecule expression in macrophages generated with GM-CSF using either standard conditions (M1) or deficiency of serum/growth factors (M2-LS cells). In contrast to M1, M2-LS cells were characterized by an enhanced content of CD206(+), B7-H1(+), FasL(+) and TRAIL(+) cells along with a decreased production of IFN-γ, IL-5, IL-6, IL-13, TNF-α, IL-17 and MCP-1. In addition, M2-LS exhibited a lower T cell stimulatory activity in MLC that was associated with the higher numbers of apoptotic and the lower numbers of proliferating T cells. B7-H1 plays a key role in M2-LS-mediated cytotoxic effects as the neutralization of B7-H1 reduces the apoptosis-inducing activity of M2-LS, while the blocking of CD206 and TRAIL reduces the cytostatic activity of M2 macrophages.