International endodontic journal

Effect of endodontic irrigants on biofilm matrix polysaccharides.

PMID 26705856


To specifically investigate the effect of endodontic irrigants at their clinical concentration on matrix polysaccharides of cultured biofilms. Saccharolytic effects of 3% H2 O2 , 2% chlorhexidine (CHX), 17% EDTA, 5% NaOCl and 0.9% saline (control) were tested using agarose (α 1-3 and β 1-4 glycosidic bonds) blocks (nxa0=xa03) in a weight assay. The irrigants were also applied to three-species biofilms (Streptococcus mutans UAB 159, Streptococcus oralis OMZ 607 and Actinomyces oris OMZ 745) grown anaerobically on hydroxyapatite discs (nxa0=xa06). Glycoconjugates in the matrix and total bacterial cell volumes were determined using combined Concanavalin A-/Syto 59-staining and confocal laser-scanning microscopy. Volumes of each scanned area (triplicates/sample) were calculated using Imaris software. Data were compared between groups using one-way anova/Tukey HSD, αxa0=xa00.05. The weight assay revealed that NaOCl was the only irrigant under investigation capable of dissolving the agarose blocks. NaOCl eradicated stainable matrix and bacteria in cultured biofilms after 1xa0min of exposure (Pxa0