Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB

Changes in nutrient distribution are part of the mechanism that promotes seed development under severe nutrient restriction.

PMID 26713548


When bean fruits are detached from a plant at 20 days after anthesis (DAA), the material accumulating in the pod is relocalized to the seeds. This mobilization is more active during the first five days after the fruits are removed, which allows some seeds to continue their development. In freshly removed fruits, (14)C-sucrose was evenly distributed among seeds; however, in fruits that were removed three days before, the labeled sugar was concentrated in 1-2 seeds. In addition, in removed pods, embryos dissected from seeds that no longer continue development can assimilate and efficiently use sucrose for protein and starch synthesis. Our results support the hypothesis that most embryos in removed fruits are forced to stop developing by removal of the nutrient supply. We also observed that SnRK1 activity increased in embryos that were subjected to nutrient deprivation, supporting the role of SnRK1 in the metabolic adaptation to stress conditions.