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p27 and its ubiquitin ligase Skp2 expression in endometrium of IVF patients with repeated hormonal stimulation.

PMID 26795496


This preliminary study examined a possible effect of long duration repeated hormonal stimulation on the endometrium using a molecular tool. The expression of the hormone stimulated, cell cycle regulators, p27 and its ligase S-phase kinase-interacting protein2 (Skp2), were assessed in 46 endometrial samples of patients who underwent repeated IVF cycles (3-21). Skp2 protein is usually undetectable in normal tissue and can be demonstrated only in rapidly dividing cells. Samples from non-stimulated, normal cycling women served as control group A. Samples of endometrial carcinoma served as control group B. In secretory endometrium, the expression of p27 was found to be lower and Skp2 higher in the study group compared with control group A. Moreover, in 25% of patients of the study group, Skp2 expression was significantly higher (P < 0.05) compared with control group A, reaching concentrations demonstrated in endometrial carcinoma. The findings of this study suggest that repeated hormone stimulation cycles may disrupt endometrial physiology, potentially towards abnormal proliferation. These changes in protein expression are described for the first time in IVF patients and should be further investigated.

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