Journal of steroid biochemistry

Combination therapy with castration and flutamide: today's treatment of choice for prostate cancer.

PMID 2689788


In order to achieve a more complete blockade of androgens of both testicular and adrenal origins, 223 patients with advanced prostate cancer (stage D2 with bone metastases) received the combination therapy with the antiandrogen Flutamide and the LH-RH agonist [D-Trp6,des-Gly-HN10(2)] LH-RH ethylamide as first treatment. As assessed by the objective criteria of the US NPCP, a positive response was obtained in 94% of patients, thus leaving only 6% of patients with no response at the start of treatment while, following standard therapy, 20-40% of patients do not respond to treatment. The duration of response was increased while longer survival (an advantage of approximately 14 months compared to standard therapy, 38.5 vs approximately 24 months) was achieved with no or minimal side effects. Highly positive results were also obtained using the combination therapy in stage C prostate cancer patients while temporary treatment with the combination therapy in stages A and B prostate cancer facilitated radical prostatectomy. The present data supported by the results of independent studies indicate that combination therapy should be the treatment for all patients with advanced disease and possibly also at earlier stages of prostate cancer in combination with surgery.