Scientific reports

Dynamin II is required for 17β-estradiol signaling and autophagy-based ERα degradation.

PMID 27009360


17β-estradiol (E2) regulates diverse physiological effects, including cell proliferation, by binding to estrogen receptor α (ERα). ERα is both a transcription factor that drives E2-sensitive gene expression and an extra-nuclear localized receptor that triggers the activation of diverse kinase cascades. While E2 triggers cell proliferation, it also induces ERα degradation in a typical hormone-dependent feedback loop. Although ERα breakdown proceeds through the 26S proteasome, a role for lysosomes and for some endocytic proteins in controlling ERα degradation has been reported. Here, we studied the role of the endocytic protein dynamin II in E2-dependent ERα signaling and degradation. The results indicate that dynamin II siRNA-mediated knock-down partially prevents E2-induced ERα degradation through the inhibition of an autophagy-based pathway and impairs E2-induced cell proliferation signaling. Altogether, these data demonstrate that dynamin II is required for the E2:ERα signaling of physiological functions and uncovers a role for autophagy in the control of ERα turnover.