Isolation and characterization of hair follicle stem cells from Arbas Cashmere goat.

PMID 27193423


In this study, highly purified hair follicle stem cells from Arbas Cashmere goat (gHFSCs) were isolated using enzyme digestion and adhesion to type IV collagen. The biological characteristics of the gHFSCs were identified by morphological observation, growth curve, markers assay and differentiation in vitro. The gHFSCs were in small cell size with typical cobblestone morphology, good adhesion and high refractive index. Immunocytochemistry staining showed the cells were expressing Krt15, Krt19, CD34, Itgβ1 and Krt14. Cell growth curve indicated that cultured gHFSCs had strong proliferation ability. Krt14 and CD34 were high expressed at the mRNA level, respectively, 39.68 and 24.37 times of the Cashmere goat keratinocytes, and krt15 expression was 5.62 times and itgβ1 expression was 1.81 times higher (p < 0.01). Western blot detected the expression of all the above markers. After osteogenic induction, the cells were positive for Von Kossa staining and expressed Osteocalcin. Sulfated proteoglycans in cartilaginous matrices were positively stained by Alcian blue after chondrogenic induction and COL2A1 was expressed. In myogenic induction, Hoechst 33342 staining evidenced cytoplasm fusion and positive expression of MyoG was detected by immunocytochemistry.