Journal of applied microbiology

Identification of a novel endophytic Bacillus sp. from Capsicum annuum with highly efficient and broad spectrum plant probiotic effect.

PMID 27359249


The study mainly aimed the isolation and characterization of plant probiotic endophytic bacteria from Capsicum annuum to explore its multipotent agricultural applications. Endophytic bacteria were isolated from the surface sterilized fruit tissue. The isolates were then subjected to PCR-based screening for the presence of potential biosynthetic gene clusters. The PCR positive isolate was then analysed for its inhibitory effect towards fungal and bacterial pathogens. The compounds responsible for the antimicrobial activity was purified from large scale culture and subjected to identification by LC-MS/MS. The ability of the selected isolate in plant growth enhancement was also done using Vigna radiata seedlings. In this study, an endophytic bacterium isolated from C. annuum was found to have the phenotypic and genetic basis for broad antimicrobial property. PCR-based sequence analysis has resulted in the identification of nonribosomal peptide synthases, PKS Type I, Iturin, surfactin, DAPG and gacA genes in the selected isolate CaB 5. The bioactivity-guided fractionation using column and HPLC purification of active fraction followed by LC-MS/MS analysis has proved the presence of surfactin derivatives (M+H(+) - 1008 & 1036) and iturin (M+H(+) - 1058) as the basis of antimicrobial activity of CaB 5. The isolate was identified as a novel Bacillus sp. because of its low (76%) identity to the reported sequences. Endophytes are considered to have the genetic basis for a diverse array of bioactive metabolites which can have significant applications in both pharmaceutical industry and agriculture. The identification of CaB 5 with broad bioactivity and excellent plant growth enhancement on taxonomically distinct plant species as explained in current study and our previous reports highlights its plant probiotic applicability. This proves the potential of the isolate obtained in the study to be an excellent plant probiotic.

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