British journal of neurosurgery

Estrogen receptor gene polymorphism in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosis.

PMID 27399961


To examine the association between development of degenerative lumbar scoliosis (DLS) and sex hormones. We investigated the association between DLS and estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) gene polymorphisms in 184 patients with a diagnosis of DLS, by determining the presences of the Pvu II and Xba I polymorphisms, measuring bone mineral densities at the lumbar spine (LSBMD) and femoral neck (FNBMD), and by investigating biochemical markers of bone turnover and comparing these results with those of 220 healthy normal controls. Genotype frequencies in DLS patients and controls revealed a significant difference for the Pvu II polymorphism only (p = 0.0287). No significant difference was found between the DLS and control groups with respect to the Xba I polymorphism, bone mineral density (BMD), or biochemical markers. Furthermore, no significant association was observed between the Pvu II polymorphism and BMD, lumbar scoliosis, lateral listhesis, or biochemical markers in patients with DLS. These results suggest that the ERα Pvu II polymorphism influences the prevalence of DLS.