Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis

Multi-technique approach for qualitative and quantitative characterization of furazidin degradation kinetics under alkaline conditions.

PMID 27479759


Degradation of drug furazidin was studied under different conditions of environmental pH (11-13) and temperature (30-60°C). The novel approach of hybrid hard- and soft-multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (HS-MCR-ALS) method was applied to UV-vis spectral data to determine a valid kinetic model and kinetic parameters of the degradation process. The system was found to be comprised of three main species and best characterized by two consecutive first-order reactions. Furazidin degradation rate was found to be highly dependent on the applied environmental conditions, showing more prominent differences between both degradation steps towards higher pH and temperature. Complimentary qualitative analysis of the degradation process was carried out using HPLC-DAD-TOF-MS. Based on the obtained chromatographic and mass spectrometric results, as well as additional computational analysis of the species (theoretical UV-vis spectra calculations utilizing TD-DFT methodology), the operating degradation mechanism was proposed to include formation of a 5-hydroxyfuran derivative, followed by complete hydrolysis of furazidin hydantoin ring.