Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991)

Asymmetric Direct Reciprocal Connections Between Primary Visual and Somatosensory Cortices of the Mouse.

PMID 27522075


Several studies show direct connections between primary sensory cortices involved in multisensory integration. The purpose of this study is to understand the microcircuitry of the reciprocal connections between visual and somatosensory cortices. The laminar distribution of retrogradely labeled cell bodies in V1 and in the somatosensory cortex both in (S1BF) and outside (S1) the barrel field was studied to provide layer indices in order to determine whether the connections are of feedforward, feedback or lateral type. Single axons were reconstructed and the size of their swellings was stereologically sampled. The negative layer indices in S1 and S1BF and the layer index near zero in V1 indicate that the connection from S1BF to V1 is of feedback type while the opposite is of lateral type. The greater incidence of larger axonal swellings in the projection from V1 to S1BF strongly suggests that S1BF receives a stronger driver input from V1 and that S1BF inputs to V1 have a predominant modulatory influence.