AAPS PharmSciTech

Design and Evaluation of Novel Solid Self-Nanodispersion Delivery System for Andrographolide.

PMID 27620195


Poorly water-soluble drugs offer challenges in developing a formulation product with adequate bioavailability. This study took advantage of the features of nanocrystals and direct compression technologies to develop a novel solid self-nanodispersion delivery system for andrographolide (Andro) in order to increase its dissolution rate for enhancing bioavailability. Andro nanosuspensions (Andro-NS) with a particle size of about 500 nm were prepared by homogenization technology and further converted into dried nanocrystal particles (Andro-NP) via spray-drying. The solid self-nanodispersion delivery system (Andro-SNDS)-loaded Andro-NP was prepared via direct compression technology. The DSC and PXRD results demonstrated that the Andro nanocrystals retained its original crystallinity. The dissolution of the Andro-SNDS formulation was 85.87% in pure water over 30 min, better than those of the coarse Andro and physical mixture of Andro and stabilizer. And the C