Microscopy research and technique

How the different material and shape of the blood collection tube influences the Concentrated Growth Factors production.

PMID 27640099


Platelet concentrates, such as Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), are autologous preparations obtained from the patient's own blood and rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines involved in the key processes of tissue regeneration. These autologous concentrates differ in the way of preparation and also in the content of platelets, growth factors and leucocytes, as well as in the fibrin network architecture. So it is difficult to have a standardized product. The aim of the present study was to evaluate how the use of test tubes of different material, for blood collection, could influence the CGF production. Three different test tubes were used and the obtained CGFs were subjected to histomorphological and immunohistochemical analyses. Results showed that the tube material and shape influenced the CGF composition. In fact, according to the type of tube used, the obtained CGFs showed differences in morphology, in the fibrin network architecture and in blood cell localization and distribution.