Food additives & contaminants. Part A, Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment

A rapid method for the simultaneous determination of 25 anti-hypertensive compounds in dietary supplements using ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography.

PMID 27645769


A novel, stable, simple and specific ultra-performance liquid chromatography method with ultraviolet detection (205xa0nm) for the simultaneous analysis of 25 anti-hypertensive substances was developed. The method was validated according to the International Conference of Harmonisation guidelines with respect to linearity, accuracy, precision, limit of detection (LOD), limit of quantitation (LOQ) and stability. From the ultra-performance liquid chromatography results, we identified the LOD and LOQ of solid samples to be 0.20-1.00 and 0.60-3.00xa0μgxa0ml(-1), respectively, while those of liquid samples were 0.30-1.20 and 0.90-3.60xa0μgxa0ml(-1), respectively. The linearity exceeded 0.9999, and the intra- and inter-day precisions were 0.15-6.48% and 0.28-8.67%, respectively. The intra- and inter-day accuracies were 82.25-111.42% and 80.70-115.64%, respectively, and the stability was lower than 12.9% (relative standard deviation). This method was applied to the monitoring of 97 commercially available dietary supplements obtained in Korea, such as pills, soft capsules, hard capsules, liquids, powders and tablets. The proposed method is accurate, precise and of high quality, and can be used for the routine, reproducible analysis and control of 25 anti-hypertensive substances in various dietary supplements. The work presented herein may help to prevent incidents related to food adulteration and restrict the illegal food market.

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