Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology

Perilipin 1 is a highly specific marker for adipocytic differentiation in sarcomas with intermediate sensitivity.

PMID 27646609


Liposarcomas are the most common soft tissue sarcomas of adults. The identification of lipoblastic cells in soft tissue sarcomas is mandatory for the diagnosis of most subtypes of liposarcomas but may be difficult in conventional histology. The present study focuses on the expression and possible diagnostic impact of two PAT family proteins, perilipin 1/perilipin and perilipin 2/adipophilin in human liposarcomas. Eighty-seven cases of liposarcomas and 30 cases of non-lipomatous sarcomas were investigated immunohistochemically for perilipin 1 and 2 using entire tissue sections. Statistical analyses were performed using appropriate tests. Most liposarcomas and non-lipomatous sarcomas displayed positivity for perilipin 2. In contrast, while more than two-thirds of liposarcomas presented perilipin 1 positivity, all non-lipomatous sarcomas studied were negative for this marker, with statistical significance (pxa0