Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology

Determination of Xylene and Toluene by Solid-Phase Microextraction Using Au Nanoparticles-Thiol Silane Film Coupled to Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

PMID 27655079


A simple, rapid and sensitive method for analysis of xylene and toluene was developed using the solid-phase microextraction (SPME) combined with ion mobilityspectrometry (IMS). Gold nanoparticles-thiol silane film (Au NPs-TSF) was applied as a newsorbent for SPME. Thiol silane film was formed on the surface of a stainless steel wire through incorporating Au nanoparticles during synthesis using sol-gel technique. The extraction properties of the fiber to xylene and toluene were examined, using a SPME device and thermal desorption ininjection port of IMS. The calibration graphs were linear in the range of 1.10-32.0 and 16.0-112.0 ppb for xylene and toluene, respectively. The detection limits for xylene and toluene were 0.7 and 8.0 ppb, respectively. The proposed method was applied without any considerable sample pretreatment and it was found to be simple enough to be strongly recommended for real sample analysis.