Iranian journal of veterinary research

Evaluation of immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a liposome containing Brucella abortus S19 outer membrane protein in BALB/c mice.

PMID 27656221


The use of liposome as an adjuvant and a vaccine carrier has been cited previously in the literature. It has also been shown to be effective in enhancing the immunogenicity of vaccine candidates. BALB/c mice immunized subcutaneously with outer membrane protein (OMP) of Brucella abortus S19 vaccine strain entrapped in a commercial cationic liposome (S19-OMP-liposome) for vaccine delivery, showed enhanced protection (P<0.05) compared to groups of mice inoculated with S19 OMP alone, S19 live B. abortus vaccine and liposome alone, when challenged intra-peritoneally with virulent B. abortus strain 544 at 30 days post-immunization (DPI). The S19-OMP-liposome preparation was found to be safer compared to the live B. abortus S19 vaccine at 15 days post challenge (DPC), as evidenced by the significant difference in spleen weight between S19-OMP-liposome, S19 OMP and S19 live as well as the liposome control groups (P<0.01). Antibody isotype response profiles of the experimental groups indicated that the immune response was Th1 cell mediated. The protective advantage conferred to mice immunized with S19-OMP entrapped in liposome over those immunized with the live B. abortus S19 version, could probably be related to the significantly different response of IgG2b at 30 DPI (P<0.01), IgG2a (P<0.01), IgG2b (P<0.01) and IgG3 (P<0.05) at the DPC stages, respectively.

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