BMC complementary and alternative medicine

Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Miq extract effectively inhibits inflammation, proliferation and induces p53 expression on colitis-associated colon cancer.

PMID 27670445


Indonesian mistletoe grows on various trees. Mango Mistletoes (Dendrophthoe pentandra) is one type of mistletoe that grown on mango tree (.benalu mangga in bahasa Indonesia). Our study used mistletoe as a parasitic plant that has been used for traditional medicine. It has been known that Dendrophtoe pentandra extract (DPE) anti-inflammatory and anticancer. Furthermore, it is necessary to follow-up study in vivo to evaluate the response to treatment of new cancer therapeutic agents. This research aimed to determine the levels of IL-22, myeloperoxide (MPO), proliferation and wild-type p53 expression after the administration of DPE to murine models of CAC. Mouse colitis associated colon cancer (CAC) was induced firstly by azoxymethane (AOM) and followed by administration of drinking water containing 5xa0% dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) in a cycle protocol, each cycle consisted of seven days of 5xa0% DSS in the drinking water and followed by seven days of regular water. This study consists of five treatment groups: I was treated water only (control), II was administrated by (DSS only, without DPE), (III-V) were administrated by DPE (125xa0mg/kg BW, 250xa0mg/kg BW and 500xa0mg/kg BW) respectively. The administrated of DPE were started from the 8(th) weeks, were continued until 21xa0weeks. At the end of 21xa0weeks of the experiment, mice were sacrificed, colon tissue was removed, and then subjected to ELISA, flow cytometry, real-time PCR and histology examination. Administration of DPE 250xa0mg/kgBW significantly reduce the levels of IL-22 and MPO compared with DSS only group (p < 0.001; p < 0.001). Colonic epithelial cells proliferation of group IV (DPE 250xa0mg/kgBW) were significantly lower than III and V groups. There was no significant change in the S phase in mice were treated DPE 125xa0mg/kg BW and 500xa0mg/kg BW, while administration of DPE 250xa0mg/kg BW was able to increase the percentage of cells in S phase. The expression of mRNA p53 was up regulated in mice received DPE 125xa0mg/kg BW. These findings indicate that the DPE could inhibit colonic epithelial cells proliferation through p53 pathway independently. This study also showed that DPE could be potential sources of new therapy.