Journal of ovarian research

L-DOPA in the hu man ovarian follicular fluid acts as an antioxidant factor on granulosa cells.

PMID 27686972


A previous study showed that dopamine (DA), which is contained in follicular fluid (FF) from IVF patients, strongly increased the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by cultured human granulosa cells (GCs). ROS, including H ELISA measurements revealed that human IVF-derived FF contains L-DOPA. In cultured human GCs automated confluence analyses showed that L-DOPA enhanced their survival. This is in contrast to the actions of DA, which reduced cell survival. A dose-dependent mode of action of L-DOPA was identified using a fluorescent ROS indicator. The results showed that it antagonized intracellular ROS accumulation induced by exogenous H L-DOPA in FF is an antioxidant factor and exerts positive influences on GCs. Ovarian DA is derived from L-DOPA and has opposite actions. Exogenous L-DOPA is a standard therapy for Parkinson's disease, and the results raise the possibility that it may be able to exert positive actions as an antioxidant in ovarian conditions, as well.