The Journal of small animal practice

Uromodulin gene variants and their association with renal function and blood pressure in cats: a pilot study.

PMID 27699802


In humans, genome-wide association studies have identified variants in the uromodulin gene (UMOD) associated with blood pressure and renal function. This study aimed to evaluate the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms at the UMOD locus with renal function and blood pressure in cats. We retrospectively identified cats aged 14 years that had participated in a geriatric monitoring program, and from which stored DNA samples were available, from a computerised database. We then measured the association of specific single nucleotide polymorphisms in the feline UMOD gene with renal function and systolic blood pressure as continuous variables and, also, the dichotomous outcome of azotaemic chronic kidney disease and systemic hypertension. Eight intronic single nucleotide polymorphisms, one 1372 base pairs upstream from UMOD and two exonic single nucleotide polymorphisms were evaluated in 227 cats with renal and blood pressure data. An analysis of 188 cats found four single nucleotide polymorphisms to be significantly associated (P<0·01) with systolic blood pressure although all were in linkage disequilibrium. No significant associations were identified between single nucleotide polymorphisms and renal function or chronic kidney disease. Results of this pilot study suggest that genetic variation in UMOD might influence blood pressure in cats, similar to findings in humans. Validation of these results is required.