Tissue engineering. Part A

Acceleration of Healing of Traumatic Tympanic Membrane Perforation in Rats by Implanted Collagen Membrane Integrated with Collagen-Binding Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor.

PMID 27733103


Traumatic tympanic membrane (TM) perforation is very common in clinical practice. Several biomaterials have been reported to play a role in TM reparation, whereas their functional recovery is limited when used alone. Meanwhile, the administration of biofactors could promote functional recovery, but rapid distribution and short half-time obstruct their application. To study the effect of traumatic TM regeneration, we prepared collagen membrane (CM) integrated with collagen-binding basic fibroblast growth factor (CBD-bFGF) and implanted into the injury site of perforated TM in Sprague-Dawley rats. The study on CBD-bFGF in vitro showed that CBD-bFGF accelerated the proliferation of human fibroblast cell HS-865 biologically and was released from CM gradually. In vivo study, through the gross anatomy, auditory brainstem responses assay, histological staining, and transmission electron microscopy observation at d7, d14, and d28 after the acute TM perforation, we found that CBD-bFGF-integrated CM promoted the healing rate at an early stage (∼7 days), reduced the healing time of perforated TM, and notably retrieved the structure and hearing of TM. These findings suggest that CM modified with CBD-bFGF could be therapeutically appropriate for the treatment of TM perforation.