Journal of clinical microbiology

Comparison of MagPix Assays and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses.

PMID 27795340


Viral hemorrhagic fevers, because of their high mortality rates, the lack of medical countermeasures, and their potential use as instruments of bioterrorism, pose a significant threat to the developed and the developing areas of the world. The key to preventing the spread of these diseases is early and accurate detection. For decades, the gold-standard immunoassay for hemorrhagic fever detection has been the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); however, newer technologies are emerging with increased sensitivities. One such technology is the Luminex MagPix platform using xMAP microspheres. Here, we compare the MagPix platform with a traditional ELISA for IgM and antigen detection of infections from Lassa and Ebola viruses (LASV and EBOV, respectively). For IgM detection in nonhuman primate samples, the MagPix platform was 5 and 25 times more sensitive in detecting LASV and EBOV, respectively, compared to that with ELISA. For antigen detection in buffer, the MagPix platform was 25 and 2.5 times more sensitive in detecting lower levels of LASV and EBOV, respectively. In both IgM and antigen detection assays, the MagPix platform demonstrated excellent reproducibility at the lower limit of detection (LLOD). These findings demonstrate that the MagPix platform is a viable diagnostic replacement for the ELISA for viral hemorrhagic fevers.

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