The nucleolar helicase DDX56 redistributes to West Nile virus assembly sites.

PMID 27821284


Flaviviruses, including the human pathogen, West Nile virus (WNV), are known to co-opt many host factors for their replication and propagation. To this end, we previously reported that the nucleolar DEAD-box RNA helicase, DDX56, is important for production of infectious WNV virions. In this study, we show that WNV infection results in relocalization of DDX56 from nucleoli to virus assembly sites on the endoplasmic reticululm (ER), an observation that is consistent with a role for DDX56 in WNV virion assembly. Super-resolution microscopy revealed that capsid and DDX56 localized to the same subcompartment of the ER, however, unexpectedly, stable interaction between these two proteins was only detected in the nucleus. Together, these data suggest that DDX56 relocalizes to the site of virus assembly during WNV infection and that its interaction with WNV capsid in the cytoplasm may occur transiently during virion morphogenesis.