Local pulsatile PTH delivery regenerates bone defects via enhanced bone remodeling in a cell-free scaffold.

PMID 27835763


Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is currently the only FDA-approved anabolic drug to treat osteoporosis, and is systemically administered through daily injections. A new local pulsatile PTH delivery device was developed from biodegradable polymers to expand the application of PTH from systemic treatment to spatially controlled local bone defect regeneration in this work. This is the first time that local pulsatile PTH delivery has been demonstrated to promote bone regeneration via enhanced bone remodeling. The biodegradable delivery device was designed to locally deliver PTH in a preprogrammed pulsatile manner. The PTH delivery was utilized to facilitate the regeneration of a bone defect spatially defined with a cell-free biomimetic nanofibrous (NF) scaffold. The local pulsatile PTH delivery (daily pulse for 21 days) not only promoted the regeneration of a critical-sized bone defect with negligible systemic side effects in a mouse model, but also advantageously achieved higher quality regenerated bone than the standard systemic PTH injection. These results demonstrate a promising and novel pulsatile PTH delivery device for spatially defined local bone regeneration.