Motor activity of centromere-associated protein-E contributes to its localization at the center of the midbody to regulate cytokinetic abscission.

PMID 27835888


Accurate control of cytokinesis is critical for genomic stability to complete high-fidelity transmission of genetic material to the next generation. A number of proteins accumulate in the intercellular bridge (midbody) during cytokinesis, and the dynamics of these proteins are temporally and spatially orchestrated to complete the process. In this study, we demonstrated that localization of centromere-associated protein-E (CENP-E) at the midbody is involved in cytokinetic abscission. The motor activity of CENP-E and the C-terminal midbody localization domain, which includes amino acids 2659-2666 (RYFDNSSL), are involved in the anchoring of CENP-E to the center of the midbody. Furthermore, CENP-E motor activity contributes to the accumulation of protein regulator of cytokinesis 1 (PRC1) in the midbody during cytokinesis. Midbody localization of PRC1 is critical to the antiparallel microtubule structure and recruitment of other midbody-associated proteins. Therefore, CENP-E motor activity appears to play important roles in the organization of these proteins to complete cytokinetic abscission. Our findings will be helpful for understanding how each step of cytokinesis is regulated to complete cytokinetic abscission.