Molecular medicine reports

Systematic analysis of mRNA expression profiles in NSCLC cell lines to screen metastasis-related genes.

PMID 27840927


Lung cancer is the most prevalent cancer in humans and has the lowest survival outcomes due to its high metastatic potential. The aim of the present study was to screen for metastasis‑related genes (MRGs) by investigating the differential expression genes (DEGs) identified by the mRNA expression profiles in SPC‑A‑1sci (highly metastatic) and SPC-A-1 (parental) cells. DEGs were screened using Genespring software. Gene Ontology and pathway enrichment analyses of these DEGs were performed. Interaction networks between the proteins encoded by the DEGs were identified using the database BioGRID and were visualized by Cytoscape. Modular analysis of the protein‑protein interaction network was performed in CFinder. Among these DEGs, the expression levels of 18 genes were examined in SPC‑A‑1sci and SPC‑A‑1 cell lines with reverse transcription‑quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and 10 of the 18 genes were assessed by western blotting to validate the results of the microarray. Furthermore, the role of metallothionein 1X (MT1X) in non‑small cell lung cancer was explored in functional assays and 72 pairs of clinical samples in vitro. Finally, 4,838 DEGs were screened, including 798 upregulated and 4,040 downregulated genes. The significantly enriched functions included gene expression, cytosol and poly‑(A) RNA binding, and the most enriched pathway was biosynthesis of antibiotics. Furthermore, MT1X was revealed to promote the migration and invasion ability in SPC‑A‑1sci and PC‑9 lung cancer cell lines. Therefore, MT1X was identified as a candidate MRG through systematic analysis in the present microarray, which was demonstrated to offer potential reference value in screening MRGs.