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PLD4 promotes M1 macrophages to perform antitumor effects in colon cancer cells.

PMID 27840999


Phospholipase D4 (PLD4) is a newly identified protein expressed in microglia. However, the function of PLD4 in tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) is unknown. In the present study, we revealed that the expression of PLD4 was located in macrophages in the colon cancer mesenchymal and lymph nodes as shown by immunohistochemical analysis. furthermore, its expression was associated with clinical staging of colon cancer. Then, THP-1 as a cell model induced into TAMs. Western blot and RT-PCR analysis showed that PLD4 was mainly presented in M1 phenotype TAMs. The secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines in M1 macrophages was significantly reduced after the expression of PLD4 inhibited by PLD4-siRNA. Furthermore, co-cultured with condition-medium from control or PLD4-siRNA M1 macrophages for 24 h, cell apoptosis, cycle and proliferation of cancer cells improved compared to control. These results indicated that PLD4 could be involved in the activation process of M1 phenotype macrophages.

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