Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology

Phytosynthesized gold nanoparticles from C. roxburghii DC. leaf and their toxic effects on normal and cancer cell lines.

PMID 27855358


Gold nanoparticles are considered of great importance compared to other noble metal nanoparticles and its wide range of applications like pharmaceutics, therapeutics and diagnostics etc. During the past decade, phytosynthesized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are more focused in in vitro and in vivo study. The present study was focused on the gold chloride and phytosynthesized gold nanoparticles from aqueous leaf extract of Cassia roxburghii and their toxic effects on African green monkey normal kidney Vero cell line and three different cancer cell lines such as HepG2, MCF7 and HeLa. Phytosynthesized AuNPs were characterized by HRTEM, EDX, XRD and FTIR analysis. The particles size range of 25-35nm was confirmed by HRTEM. The elemental gold and the crystalline nature of AuNPs were confirmed by EDX and XRD, respectively. The reduction of functional groups was confirmed by FTIR. In in vitro study, the IC