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Electrospray deposition device used to precisely control the matrix crystal to improve the performance of MALDI MSI.

PMID 27885266


MALDI MSI has been recently applied as an innovative tool for detection of molecular distribution within a specific tissue. MALDI MSI requires deposition of an organic compound, known as matrix, on the tissue of interest to assist analyte desorption and ionization, in which the matrix crystal homogeneity and size greatly influence the imaging reproducibility and spatial resolution in MALDI MSI. In this work, a homemade electrospray deposition device was developed for deposition of matrix in MALDI MSI. The device could be used to achieve 1 μm homogeneous matrix crystals in MALDI MSI analysis. Moreover, it was found, for the first time, that the electrospray deposition device could be used to precisely control the matrix crystal size, and the imaging spatial resolution was increased greatly as the matrix crystals size becoming smaller. In addition, the easily-built electrospray deposition device was durable for acid, base or organic solvent, and even could be used for deposition of nanoparticles matrix, which made it unparalleled for MALDI MSI analysis. The feasibility of the electrospray deposition device was investigated by combination with MALDI FTICR MSI to analyze the distributions of lipids in mouse brain and liver cancer tissue section.

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9-Aminoacridine, matrix substance for MALDI-MS, ≥99.5% (HPLC)