Optics express

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering for 2-D WSe<sub>2</sub> hybridized with functionalized gold nanoparticles.

PMID 27906325


Two-dimensional (2-D) transition metal dichalcogenides, such as MoS2, WSe2, and WS2, are promising materials for application in field effect transistors, optoelectronics, and sensing devices. In this study, 2-D WSe2 samples with various numbers of layers were hybridized with functionalized gold nanoparticles (Au-NPs) to achieve surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The nanoscale Raman and photoluminescence spectra of the WSe2 layers and WSe2/Au-NP hybrids were measured using a high-resolution laser confocal microscope. The WSe2 exhibited distinct optical characteristics depending on the number of WSe2 layers. The intensities of the Raman characteristic modes of the WSe2 layers were significantly enhanced after hybridization with functionalized Au-NPs, indicating the SERS effect. The SERS effect weakened with increasing the number of WSe2 layers. The SERS effect was more pronounced for mono- and bi-layer WSe2 systems compared with the multi-layer WSe2 systems.