Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Transcriptional response to mitochondrial protease IMMP2L knockdown in human primary astrocytes.

PMID 27932244


IMMP2L encodes the inner membrane peptidase subunit 2, a mitochondrial protease involved in cleaving the space-sorting signals of mitochondrial membrane proteins. IMMP2L has been implicated in Tourette syndrome, but how its dysfunction contributes to the neurodevelopmental phenotype remains unclear. Here we show that IMMP2L transcription requires Topoisomerase I in human primary astrocytes, and characterize the downstream effects of IMMP2L knockdown on gene expression. We demonstrate that IMMP2L knockdown leads to dysregulation of genes involved in central nervous system development. We also find that the transcriptional response to IMMP2L knockdown partially overlaps the one induced by mitochondrial complex III inhibition. Overall, these data bring further insight into the molecular consequences of IMMP2L dysfunction in the brain.