Scientific reports

Co-delivery of docetaxel and palmitoyl ascorbate by liposome for enhanced synergistic antitumor efficacy.

PMID 27934917


Palmitoyl ascorbate (PA) as an antioxidant has the potential for the treatment of cancer. In the present study, a nanocarrier system was developed for co-delivery of docetaxel (DOC) with palmitoyl ascorbate and the therapeutic efficacy of a combination drug regimen was investigated. For this purpose, different ratios of docetaxel and palmitoyl ascorbate were co-encapsulated in a liposome and they all showed high encapsulation efficiency. The average diameters of the liposomes ranged from 140 to 170 nm. Negative zeta potential values were observed for all systems, ranged from -40 mV to -56 mV. Studies on drug release and cellular uptake of the co-delivery system demonstrated that both drugs were effectively taken up by the cells and released slowly. Moreover, the liposome loading drugs with DOC/PA concentration ratio of 1:200 showed the highest anti-tumor activity to three different types of tumor cells. The higher in vivo therapeutic efficacy with lower systemic toxicity of the DOC-PA200-LPs was also verified by the H22 tumor bearing mice model. Our results showed that such co-loaded delivery systems could serve as a promising therapeutic approach to improve clinical outcomes against hepatic carcinoma.