British journal of pharmacology

Anti-anhedonic effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors with affinity for sigma-1 receptors in picrotoxin-treated mice.

PMID 27987210


Prefrontal dopamine release by the combined activation of 5-HT1A and sigma-1 (σ1 ) receptors is enhanced by the GABAA receptor antagonist picrotoxin in mice. Here, we examined whether this neurochemical event was accompanied by behavioural changes. Male mice were treated with picrotoxin to decrease GABAA receptor function. Their anhedonic behaviour was measured using the female encounter test. The expression of c-Fos was determined immunohistochemically. Picrotoxin caused an anxiogenic effect on three behavioural tests, but it did not affect the immobility time in the forced swim test. Picrotoxin decreased female preference in the female encounter test and attenuated the female encounter-induced increase in c-Fos expression in the nucleus accumbens. Picrotoxin-induced anhedonia was ameliorated by fluvoxamine and S-(+)-fluoxetine, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors with high affinity for the σ1 receptor. The effect of fluvoxamine was blocked by a 5-HT1A or a σ1 receptor antagonist, and co-administration of the σ1 receptor agonist (+)-SKF-10047 and the 5-HT1A receptor agonist osemozotan mimicked the effect of fluvoxamine. By contrast, desipramine, duloxetine and paroxetine, which have little affinity for the σ1 receptor, did not affect picrotoxin-induced anhedonia. The effect of fluvoxamine was blocked by a dopamine D2/3 receptor antagonist. Methylphenidate, an activator of the prefrontal dopamine system, ameliorated picrotoxin-induced anhedonia. Picrotoxin-treated mice show anhedonic behaviour that is ameliorated by simultaneous activation of 5-HT1A and σ1 receptors. These findings suggest that the increased prefrontal dopamine release is associated with the anti-anhedonic effect observed in picrotoxin-treated mice.

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